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Bending down, trying to find the piece of withered yellow, but actually found nothing; raised his head, looking up at the blue sky Cigarettes Online, but his eyes were attracted by the branches that had just pulled out the sprouts-this was the footprint of Spring, the call of the Lantern Envoy. ����The inscription is yes! The windmill of time has ushered in the spring, and the Lantern Festival that has long awaited me! Hearing this, you ca n��t help but ask: Why are you looking forward to the Lantern Festival instead of Children ��s Day? There are more reasons! Let me tell you one by one Marlboro Lights. It is traditional folk culture of our country to eat dumplings on the Lantern Festival. Of course, this is also the old habit of our family, let ��s say this morning! As soon as I opened my sleepy eyes Parliament Cigarettes, I heard my mother shouting in the kitchen: "Come and eat rice dumplings! It will be late!" I was anxious and jumped out of bed and cried: " Keep the chopsticks round! "Then he wore it with a thunderbolt and couldn't cover his ears, and didn't wash. He immediately took a 100-meter sprint to the table. Looking at the chubby dumplings in the bowl, I have already used chopsticks, and my heart is already sweet. Take a light bite, soft and slippery. While the taste of Tangyuan was still hovering, my brother came to me to set off fireworks. Ho, this time can make me happy. is not that right? Under the dance of our sky, there are endless continuous cannons for a while, and then a brilliant pearl cannon blooms again, which is simply fun. After lunch, I saw Grandpa using a lot of reeds to tie it into a torch, and I was puzzled. Grandpa saw me confused, and explained: "Today is the fifteenth day of the first month, and I will take you to the field to dance torches in the evening!" Why dance? "I asked the bottom." Please harvest! "Grandma interjected. Oh, I see! It's used to pray! It turns out that this is also a way to celebrate the Lantern Festival in our countryside! In the evening, Grandpa took me and my brother, each with a torch in his hand, into his home Tian Ye. He took a lighter and lit the "Fu Bang", my heart, as the torch burned wildly, and his face was blushed. So, we happily raised the torch to trot all the way to the field trail , You chase me, Mars is splashing, and in the night a brilliant light is raised, swimming like a fire dragon in the field. Suddenly, the grandpa who has been silent has clapped and called: "Good! Both of you are so sincere and are not afraid of not having a good harvest this year! "" Bang-slap ", the sound of firecrackers came and went, and I knew that it was time to have a reunion dinner. When I arrived at the door, stomping the dirt on my feet, I looked up and my mother and grandma were busy serving dishes on the table! ! It's too rich! "I hurriedly greeted my aunt and uncle, and the family sat around the table, drinking and talking, talking and laughing, and having fun. What a happy Lantern Festival, how harmonious the Lantern Festival, what a memorable Lantern Festival, the Lantern Festival, 800 words, let me introduce it first. Let ��s take a look at the customs and origin of the Lantern Festival! The fifteenth Lantern Festival on the first lunar month, also known as the Lantern Festival. This night is called ��Yuanxiao��, and it is the first full moon night of the earth ��s rejuvenation. Full moon has the meaning of a happy reunion , So the whole family should gather together to "harsh the Lantern Festival." "On this evening, every family will light a lantern and eat a Lantern Festival. The Lantern Festival lanterns originated during the Yongping period of the Han Dynasty. At that time, it was to show respect for Buddhism. The custom of eating Lantern Festival originated in the Song Dynasty. Tangyuan also means reunion. This is the customs and origin of the Lantern Festival, know it! At night, my mother and I took a car to Zhongshan Park. On the way, I saw many red lanterns hanging in front of the store, and some of them were also hung in different shapes. Different flower lanterns, the patterns on the wall of the lamp are shimmered by the light, giving people the feeling that it is a worthwhile flower lantern, and that kind of beauty is really difficult to express in words. There are more and more people in the car, I am afraid to see Lanterns! Here, get off! I took my mother ��s hand and drove straight to the park. When I reached the main entrance, I looked far away. There were lights
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