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This must remembers, otherwise school's investigating a brigade will seize and turn over to you to police station.
Go upstairs all the way, pass by of student's one eye directly negate them are to come to steep the playboy that the girl seeks pleasures, mostly will think:"Is again a poor close whose Wei to come?"The girl goes fetch to compare with oneself's lover, then high head, cold hum one to wipe a shoulder but lead in the heart.
There is that shave a chicken hat head, all of full ears are the boys of silver wreaths to stand down, narrow building way he greatly the sting sting walk at positive the center, nostril dynasty sky, live to be like an archduke chicken of pride, summer however avoid cannot compare with, the shoulders gets for a while, is bumped stumble but back, the anti- body runs into wall.
"Bumpkin, the academic association sees road, don't be like to block a road dog!"Chicken hat head the boy Be cold to hum a way.
The summer however dares not utters a word, Liao learns a soldier to pretend to hide a wayside, he gives way, when 2 people wipe a shoulder, the hair that holds tight that boy malicious malicious one Sang.Because of gravity function, the boy stands unsteady step, distressly roll to come downstairs steps, good person afraid bad person, bad person afraid bad person, that boy is totally embarassed to climb, the vehemence is all gone, vomited an one mouthful phlegm way:"Bastard, I remembered you, having a courage didn't run and urgently and in a hurry walked.
Liao's learning a soldier should only don't hear:"The summer classmate makes a telephone call for your cousin first, otherwise she it is very likely is not in the dormitory, you see, university student's night life nowadays enriches very, which be like us before night after night cold window if read, hang a beam sting, dig wall to steal light, to, don't pull me first."
Summer however heart way:"BE dig wall to peep girl's spring scenes just right."The honesty took out a telephone to stir the number of rain Xi of river:"The cousin is me, didn't see for a few months, I thought to the sea greatly sees you."
", Don't go, I have no time tonight, you come another day, I invite you to have a meal."
Summer however and crustily skin of head way:"We have already got to your dormitory doorway."
"What?Why come to before don't make a telephone call for me?"River rain Xi where thought of that the cousin has already sold she, quickly open dormitory doorway, only wear a weak supporter Shan, or so on seeing, discover that stairs in the hallway is walked two people, is exactly her cousin, after death still follow one supermodel kind trivial heavy uncle."This dead summer however, and then take person to mix rice!"
"Cousin, the summer only one face flatters to walk to river rain Xi nearby.
Dormitory building the temperature is feat, river rain Xi is dressed in few lichens to take and hot trousers, the all of heavy part exposes in the outside, meat light jade to."The summer of dead can't run to borrow° from cousin mone again however?Forerunner come again talk."Unexpectedly is have never seen to learn from Liao soldier's one eye.
Dormitory four make the bed, have no there is so extravagant set of in the tulip senior high school, but the total condition is quite good, set up spacious, there are also toilet and veranda, be stand ten bearers don't feel to hustle as well.
A girl sits on the bedside cat body the crowded pimple is to the mirror, gnash teeth in hatred, one capturing territory of inch inch, recover to lose soil, river rain Xi doesn't manage her, way:"You sit first, the nothing important chair sits my bed all right, on the left side descend to spread, poured two cup hot water to pass.
Sees that bed in great disorder, heap full book and clothes, also have two pairs of socks that didn't wash to everywhere put to send forth bad smell indiscriminately, bedside a frame has her and a handsome boy person match a shadow, Liao learns a soldier to wish:"One rice keeps 100 kind person, the girl's girl's bedroom also only so-so, compare with the room of the Dan of shell Xiao come mutually too far."He thoughts of there the room of the Dan of shell Xiao has a maid to tidy up every day, bed sheet a day a change.Naturally need not oneself begins.
BE about to speak up, Liao learns a soldier to say with smile:"You are little river, I am however a summer his father's war ally, before together in Rwanda shoulder to shoulder work ground, feeling together brothers."

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