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formal member, carry so much of just the sky will beg stem, afterwards the shell a life time Xiang just substitutes the position of last spare time, so many friendships in the your hand, so many resourceses, need not white need not."
"Joke, if do I have the words of resources, also want you to help to deal with a Ji text to living?The computer accessories renewal changes generation once every two years, I this all already four years, what all be not."
"That don't your helping still help?"
"There is condition that help, solve a Ji text first to living, behind again the company measure."
"H'm, waiting to meet will end behind I seek you."
Liao's learning a soldier isn't a fool, he basically distrusts outsider, solving the words that the Ji text livings still have to depend on oneself, with chat the eager Mu permit ice rain to take leave for a while and go out but go to.
The candlelight bar that arrives at the west of Vinaceous Rosefinch street, this bar is in fact the headquarter of hooligan's party, completely from their property, pleased a few female receptionists of the Na river teacher and sexies, from south the younger brother manage in person.Repair into old Liao likes most of European style in 18th century, bulky oak table and.Sell pine nut wine, snow beautiful wine, absinth, Lang mother wine, champagne, inside in the corner still has the bandsman the song for giving musical performance such as the type of pastoral moonlight .
Although can not also be regarded as to there is sentimental appeal most , can ast least also say to is a Vinaceous Rosefinch street most the safety can't have the bar to cause trouble most , therefore the business is like tide, look for peaceful drink of the guests will flood in to come to consume here.
Gloom of the light isn't illuminative only path, wipe Zheng the bright copper candlestick up burn a dazzlingly clear candle, the candlelight bar is worthy of the name.Also because the atmosphere like this drew on a lot of loverses, don't see a southern younger brother at ordinary times consumedly, start to do business to come to milli- very good, make an a lot of trickeries, what present perfume, rose, movie ticket the etc. be greatly popular among the young man, even someone makes a special trip city to rush through from the south.
At this time big owner south younger brother but don't count the money on the counter, but hide an underground-----That's right and play cards together in ground floor and a few brotherses.
Liao learns the soldier hovers around but descends from the wood stairs, the smoke flavor that smells difficult to smell and clamor of interjection.
The south younger brother hears a step voice and say with smile:"The midnight snack sent down, everyone temporary ceased fire!"
"Night your old mother, does the ambassador have one cannon you to eat or not?"
"It is elder brother Bing."The younger brother of the south lazy ocean ocean way:"Do not you correct a homework at school, don't go and do a house for student to visit and come to do what here?"
Ground floor originally is that spread cellar and had no stock after drinking up to hide wine, every day direct from the another bar purchases.The bodega sweeps clean, put some equipmentses, became movable room, in addition to poker, there is also a billiards table and one set old computer.
"Know the small white of leaf goes to dry what?"
"Certainly know, he says to open what meeting, happy must die, also say that the later north city is our hooligan of, mama of, the self-confident heart inflate too ridiculous, the whole a fanatical member."
Liao learns a soldier to beat to deliver a younger brother footman and carried on the shoulder a pail of to living Pi down, "that do you know what meeting what he opened is?"
"Who know whether criticize the Dou a general assembly still a strip tease to perform a meeting, hereafter hooligan of porn bitchy really can overlord among states north city."South younger brother very doesn't matter, jilt a trump card on the table, " holds!My trump cardses all came out, who dare with my Dou!"
Liao learns a soldier to have to lay by their pokers to all say:"I still think that the small white revealed inside story with you, all right, long time ago an old monk made a Meng orchid basin meeting, this Meng orchid basin will be not only is put a Yan so in brief ……" hence chase Meng orchid basin meeting of since story, function and meaning in detail said out.
So on saying, as if the long article historical novel reviews a book, the ocean ocean spreads, Liao learns a soldier and is a person whom love speaks a story, so-so and light, a words are also said struck with fright or horror, add oil to add vinegar to add place from plait of thing, from more than 100 years of since arrive recently several contentses of, even in brief of a meeting, he has to may be also more general than novel about swordsmen, what with angry look but gift, that has a speech way, this thin quantity thinks, what to carry is to fall Dang to rise and fall, fascinatingly and thousand times.

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