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one is thin to settle leisurely and carefree carriage, also have two five heavy three thick black western dress bodyguards.Feng bitchy 3 people team the nature Be not willing to pass up this opportunity and round in succession to nearby inquire after sb's health at her, six truly reach have already led to make track for astral age, be still permitted ice rain delightfully fresh and free from vulgarity attraction by the Mu, lift up head to have a liking for one eye every several seconds each time.
As for other a few big female teacher Lings in the office have to foolish ask about in original place no man.
"Young lady, I am lucky to match with you to copy a ?"The Feng Tian wears a face to ask a way.
Liao learned a soldier to walk to come over, the righteousness positive phrase strictly said:"Of course not can!Is a people's teacher, how can literally with a sell to sing of match shadow to keep as memory, this will have the identity to lose us!"
Sudden Pa of a , he is just after feeling the neck many kind miscellaneous articles or objects, stretch hand a to grasp, unexpectedly is a piece of lousy fruit peel, return to face on seeing, all students glare at to him, the heart knows to make many Nus and had to walk to the Mu to permit ice rain in front way in quick time:"How come to don't make a telephone call for me as well?"
Have been already arrived before Mu permits ice rain for ten minutes, also once asked Mo always the Tai find out form master office, direct past.Feng all middle age about 40 years old big uncle, the of course not knows her, but the so beautiful female kid comes to seek little Liao, don't lend machine to flirt for a while how go?
Liao learns a soldier to hurriedly break up the 3 people team doing nothing:"Have no you what matter, all go home to seek oneself's wife to have fun, "
Mu's permitting ice rain is turning over his student's composition, 3 origin got empty two, also have a should be copy of, not from say with smile:"The students are all very very naughty, to?The environment of your school is very good, I hereafter have an opportunity often of."
"The school isn't what I open again, you want to come to come right away, to, you help me the favour."
"What matter?"
"You and attach an ear to come over."
See pure like jade ice Ms. Yu really pressed near Liao to learn a soldier, 2 people mutually were apart from however half Chinese foot the students Fu however, immediately the public sentiment arouses an anger.
Liao learns a soldier in a flash of hand and captures the homework in the her hand originally and says:"Waited I to ask you, you all liked at ordinary times what, then you want to answer for the horselaugh of concussion, I like art, the art is my life my ideal my future, basically so, mainly is to surround art, this topic, other of you can freely develop."
The Mu permits ice rain eye pupil a turn:"You want to make me develop a star effect, after making these students hear all interested in art to?You are to teach a language, why want to let they all learn art, I feel that you are definitely responsible for a certain art- related item ……to, last time Mo Tai always once said a similar matter with me as well and also made me change the contents of official site for a while, you shoulded be similar to him?"
Liao learns a soldier heart way the woman indeed as expected can not despise, guess reason just with a words 89 don't leave ten, the facial expression is constant, say:"Let you guess a rightness, that let's start."
"Etc.."The Mu permits ice rain to block old Liao, "you don't want to be confused from make the decision a piece, haven't I promised, I match with you are can, however ……"
Old Liao's face dark come down, "however what?Dare also speak a condition with me?You think that I made a special trip to call last night you came to school is did what?If is to make me accompany you to go to bed this request, I definitely take pleasure in accepting very much."
"Your this person, how open not to get some fun."The Mu permits ice rain hatred way.
Liao learns soldier just thinking openings, have never thought outer circle view in the door of a stem the student did some help and had a two Leng sons to shout loudly a way at this time:"Ice Ms. Yu, I like you!"
The Mu permits ice rain helpless of dynasty he nods a smile.
Two Leng sons a see the other party contain response, concussion not already, even the Jins of face all suddenly and violently come out, immediately after again call:"Ice Ms. Yu, you come to school for calling on our these fans of to?"
The Mu permits Liao whom ice rain sees cloudy or sunny not certain to learn a soldier, straight-tempered station get up, the hands falsely press for a while, the student of excesssive excitement all together pipes down right away, the just still irritating to the ear unpleasant to hear noisy miscellaneous voice in a moment disappears, remaining settle the building don't already etc.

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